Re: [ANNOUNCE] 4.4.302-cip71-rt41

Pavel Machek


Thanks for release work!

BTW, rt_x86_siemens_i386-rt.config is the build error.
I'm posting a patch to cip-dev that fixes this. Please check that.
[RESEND][PATCH for 4.4.y] extcon: adc-jack: Fix incompatible pointer type warning
Yes, will take a look, thanks for noticing.

I tried to run tests before release, and they succeeded

1) Any idea why my testing differs / how I can properly run the tests
for the -rt branch?

2) Should we have config similar to rt_x86_siemens_i386-rt.config for
4.4-cip, too? The -rt bits will not apply, but we should be able to
test the rest.

Best regards,

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