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Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>


Documentation updated - see below

Agustín Benito Bethencourt <> writes:


several interesting accomplishments these past weeks. Here is the report about
Codethink's activities at CIP.

## CIP kernel maintenance

* New CIP kernel released: 4.4.126-cip22

* Kernel configurations are now collected in Gitlab:
** Moxa's kernel configuration evaluation pending.

* New cip-kernel sub-directory created in gitlab for kernel related repos:

* Moxa developers on-boarding process to the CIP kernel maintenance team has
** Moxa developers can review patches having Ben H. as mentor through the cip-
dev mailing list.

## CIP kernel testing

* B@D now fully supports Renesas board #167
** There are no dependencies related with bitbake/YOCTO
** Set up description sent to Renesas asking for confirmation.
** Link:
** User's documentation pending.
This has now mostly been completed - the text has been updated
#181 has been opened - and is now closed


* Tests reports sent to cip-testing-results now include the new board support.

* Vagrant updated in B@D

## Other topics

* Now the developers involved in kernel work are meeting weekly through IRC in
the channel on Thursdays for 30 min.
** Yesterday's meeting log:

* Ben H. has participated in several discussions and questions through
different CIP channels related with Debian LTS, since he is part of that
effort at the Debian project.

* Ben H. and Agustin participated in the discussion that J. Colbert's article
at has generated:

* Talk related with the CIP kernel process approved by the OSSJ 2018 content

* Introductory talk about CIP at the OpenSouthCode (Open Source event in
Malaga, Spain) approved:

Best Regards

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