CIP update 07 WK 01

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>

* Virtual machine creation for the testing
We've created 2 vagrant instances one for kernelci and the other for lava
(lava is Debian based and kernelci is ubuntu based) work is in
progress on merging these to make developer setup simpler and reduce
the memory requirements.

* There's a github branch to allow the host to view the kernelci vm webserver
this will be merged with the gitlab repository when
has been resolved.

* The DeviceDictionary error
is still outstanding

* Devices have been added to lava VM but are not yet running

* the lava gitlab and the vagrant instance now has been updated
with health check tests and extra documentation.

* The QEMU health check results in a KVM module not found failure

* Discussions in progress on adding a 'howto'
The developers have a document enumerating the steps involved in
getting the testing environment up and running, this document will
be streamlined and published to the wiki. Meanwhile, we will add the
WIP content to the repository so you can follow it.

* Minor additions to the wiki has been made, specially in the kernel
maintenance page.


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