kernelci setup fails

Daniel Wagner <wagi@...>


running 'vagrant up' from a clean setup consistently fails with this:

==> default: TASK [setup] *******************************************************************
==> default: ok: [kernel-ci-backend]
==> default:
==> default: TASK [common : Tweak kernel configuration for performance] *********************
==> default: changed: [kernel-ci-backend]
==> default:
==> default: TASK [install-deps : Install OS dependencies] **********************************
==> default: failed: [kernel-ci-backend] (item=[u'build-essential', u'git', u'lsb-release', u'python-apt', u'python-pip', u'python-pycurl', u'python-virtualenv', u'python2.7-dev', u'sysfsutils', u'python3', u'python3-yaml', u'python3-setproctitle', u'python3-zmq']) => {"failed": true, "item": ["build-essential", "git", "lsb-release", "python-apt", "python-pip", "python-pycurl", "python-virtualenv", "python2.7-dev", "sysfsutils", "python3", "python3-yaml", "python3-setproctitle", "python3-zmq"], "msg": "No package matching 'python3-setproctitle' is available"}

A quick search for setproctitle tells me it is installed via

kernelci-backend-config/roles/install-deps/tasks/main.yml: - python3-setproctitle

But ubuntu doesn't seem to know this package:

vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:~$ apt-cache search setproctitle
libbsd-dev - utility functions from BSD systems - development files
python-setproctitle - A setproctitle implementation for Python
python-setproctitle-dbg - A setproctitle implementation for Python

I haven't spend time to figure out what this package is doing or
how it used. So my quick question how to fix this?


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