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Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>

Hi Daniel

On 17/01/17 09:49, Daniel Wagner wrote:

running 'vagrant up' from a clean setup consistently fails with this:

==> default: TASK [setup] *******************************************************************
==> default: ok: [kernel-ci-backend]
==> default:
==> default: TASK [common : Tweak kernel configuration for performance] *********************
==> default: changed: [kernel-ci-backend]
==> default:
==> default: TASK [install-deps : Install OS dependencies] **********************************
==> default: failed: [kernel-ci-backend] (item=[u'build-essential', u'git', u'lsb-release', u'python-apt', u'python-pip', u'python-pycurl', u'python-virtualenv', u'python2.7-dev', u'sysfsutils', u'python3', u'python3-yaml', u'python3-setproctitle', u'python3-zmq']) => {"failed": true, "item": ["build-essential", "git", "lsb-release", "python-apt", "python-pip", "python-pycurl", "python-virtualenv", "python2.7-dev", "sysfsutils", "python3", "python3-yaml", "python3-setproctitle", "python3-zmq"], "msg": "No package matching 'python3-setproctitle' is available"}

A quick search for setproctitle tells me it is installed via

kernelci-backend-config/roles/install-deps/tasks/main.yml: - python3-setproctitle

But ubuntu doesn't seem to know this package:

vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:~$ apt-cache search setproctitle
libbsd-dev - utility functions from BSD systems - development files
python-setproctitle - A setproctitle implementation for Python
python-setproctitle-dbg - A setproctitle implementation for Python

I haven't spend time to figure out what this package is doing or
how it used. So my quick question how to fix this?
maybe this helps?

If this is your case, Don is on it. He talked to one of the kernelci developers, Milo Casagrande about it.

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