provisioning B@D with internet proxies

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>

Following some liaison with Patryk Mungai of Renesas (thanks!) to try to get
B@D provisioned with their internet proxy settings - at the moment there
is nothing in the known issues on this - just the outstanding issue

a new issue was opened

the following is the outline of the necessary steps to create a B@D
instance with their proxy settings

- Add Sophos ssl certificates to the host
- Add the proxy settings to the Vagrant file as in #99
- Change the ansible install line in to
sudo -H DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive pip install --default-timeout=100 ansible
- create vagrant box which will fail in with a no
matching distribution found for cffi error
- In the vagrant box create a pip.conf file containing
default-timeout = 60
trusted-host =
(in .pip/pip.conf or a file matching the following -)
export PIP_CONFIG_FILE=~/.pip/pip.conf
- In the VM, using visudo add the following
Defaults env+=PIP_CONFIG_FILE
- Copy the SSL certificates (in step 1) to the VM using vagrant scp to
- Run vagrant provision again
- Then halt; run; provision as in step 6 of

Some of this - the pip config will be investigated as to whether it can
be added to the generic install - the known issues will be updated once
that has been done to add a new point on configuration with an internet proxy.

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