Re: Slide for CIP presentation at Open Source Summit Europe 2018

Yoshitake Kobayashi

Hi Agustin,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

On 2018/10/30 2:27, Agustín Benito Bethencourt wrote:
Hi Yoshi,

On Tuesday, 23 October 2018 11:19:31 CET KOBAYASHI Yoshitake wrote:
Hi All,

I have uploaded the slide for OSSE ath the following URL:

In this presentation, we show how CIP works with upstream projects.
Please take a look.
A couple of comments on the slides from ELCE 2018...

1.- As outcome of the booth at ELCE 2018, Daniel Sangorrin raised today at the TSC meeting the confusion that some people have between YOCTO and CIP. He expressed that some people think we are related.

Checking the slides of the CIP presentation, I see in slide 11 the following sentence as title:

"Open Source Summit Europe 2018 What is “Open Source Base Layer (OSBL)”?"

Maybe, in order to avoid any confusion when it comes to Yocto, we should not use the word "Layer". The same applies to slide 35
Since CIP project was launched, we use this terminology to explain CIP's concept.
This terminology relate question comes several times.
The other option might be adding a FAQ to explain the difference between Yocto's "meta layer" and "base layer".

2.- I think it would be interesting to change slide 19 for the next event. I am sure we can find better ways to express that we are helping in the stable review process without adding an examples that expose people that are not involved in CIP.
I agree with that, thanks.

3.- I would add the board name of the image below it.
4.- I think there has been an improvements on the Backport patches process diagrams over time. You have done a good job there. I still think though there are too complicated for most people unfamiliar with these kind of processes. Is it worth trying a different approach like bullet points with the key messages? Just a suggestion.

Best Regards

Best Regards

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