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I propose to create a public Google CIP calendar so we can add there all the open meetings and events. It could be manage by several of you and send notifications to the list. There will be a public URL to read the calendar which is handy for those who have no Google account. If there is a different service we can use for this, I would explore it too.
I second in this proposal, and I will make sure public Google calendar
is compatible with outlook. That is because I can only access my
company email via outlook.
Two measures will help:
* Having a public URL for the calendar will allow you and your colleagues to "read" the calendar.
* If someone adds you mail to "share" field, in the configuration, you should receive mail notifications of all the changes. This also works "per calendar event" by adding you to the guest list.

You would need to make sure though that the company firewall or that the spam filter let these kind of notifications go through. This is true for any solution we consider.

If the measure becomes popular, we can think of a hosted calendar solution we can all use through HTTP. This will help with all meetings. I think though it might be overkill at this point.

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