Re: List of patches that failed to apply to 4.4-stable

Daniel Wagner <daniel.wagner@...>

Yesterday, I checked the patches in my "failed to apply to 4.4-stable" list against the actual git repository using a short python script.
It turns out that some of the patches in the "to apply" list were already there applied.

I have updated our wiki page accordingly

For the curious minds, you can find my (dirty) script attached to this e-mail.
If you can put the patches list as a repo on gitlab, and since the target repo is already being mirrored, I wonder if we can create a job that executes the script when the origin list gets updated. We can create a notification with the outcome to our testing mailing list. This way we just need to focus on having the origin in shape. If we add to this a way to parser the outcome in .md format and published as result in gitlab when the job "succeeds", we significantly reduce the effort associated to the wiki page.

@Daniel W. is the above possible, based on your experience with Gitlab?
I don't think you can update a .md file via gitlab-ci. Though there is
GitLab pages which seems to be the thing for creating documentation via
a CI/CD job:

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