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Chris Paterson

Hello all,

It was asked last week about if it is possible to keep jobs secret in the CIP LAVA test setup.

Test results/definitions can indeed be kept private, either on an individual or group bases.

If a test job is kept private it is also possible to share 'secret' information with the board. For example, a private git repository.

Please see the mail below for more information.

Kind regards, Chris

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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to handle git authentication in a test job ?
I need LAVA to clone a repo that can't be set to public,
and obviously it won't work because of the authentication step.
So is it possible to specify a password or a token ?
You can use 'secrets' section in the job definition. Docs here:

It might be also a good idea to limit access to the job to user or
group so the password doesn't leak. It has to be plain text


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