[CIP Testing WG] Status update - 26/11/18

Chris Paterson

Hello all,


Some updates from the CIP testing world…


# B@D #

- Robert has continued to close down issues on GitLab [1] that are either fixed or won’t be fixed in time for his retirement.

- Now that access to the AWS storage has been restored, the plan is to upload a new version of the B@D ‘box’ [2] that includes all the changes that have been done since v1.0 was released.

- Daily healthcheck tests for BBB and iwg20m.


# Distributed Testing #

- We now have access to CIP’s AWS S3 bucket.

- LAVA master backup scripts tested.

- LAVA master user accounts created for those requesting one.

- Daily healthcheck tests for QEMU and iwg20m [3].



[1] https://gitlab.com/groups/cip-project/cip-testing/-/issues

[2] https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/civilinfrastructureplatform/cipdownload

[3] https://lava.ciplatform.org/scheduler/labhealth/


Kind regards, Chris

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