Re: [CIP Testing WG] Status update - 26/11/18

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>

Thanks Chris for the update!

Chris Paterson <Chris.Paterson2@...> writes:

# B@D #

- Robert has continued to close down issues on GitLab [1] that are either fixed or won’t be fixed in time for his retirement.

- Now that access to the AWS storage has been restored, the plan is to upload a new version of the B@D ‘box’ [2] that includes all the changes that
have been done since v1.0 was released.
As mentioned on the #cip channel the new version is now in place and has
been tested. Agustín - can I go ahead and update the wiki? Will we also
need all the subsidiary packages up there too? Or is it maybe better to discuss
face to face tomorrow as to what and how the page should look?

- Daily healthcheck tests for BBB and iwg20m.
Well nearly daily ;-)

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