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On 1 February 2019 02:35:51 CET, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <nobuhiro.iwamatsu@...> wrote:
Hi, Agustin.

Non-members can not access newly created subgroups.
Previously, since cip-core was published, I think that it is a setting
problem, but how do you do?
the new subgroup has inherited every group member. If you cannot access the new subgroup is because you were member of a different subgroup, not the top group.

I am traveling and will not have access the next few hours (I rather do this on a laptop).

Yo can be added by the new owners.

@Daniel, @Jan there is a config option in the subgroup to allow people to request access.

Best Regards

Best regards,

2019年1月31日(木) 17:03 Agustín Benito Bethencourt

Hi jan and Daniel,

On Thursday, 31 January 2019 06:33:53 CET
daniel.sangorrin@... wrote:
Hi Agustin,

I need to create the following hierarchy on gitlab:

cip-core/ <-- group
tiny/ <-- subgroup
deby <-- git repo (current cip-core.git)
generic/ <-- subgroup
isar <-- git repo
I just created the new subgroup called "cip-core". I moved the
project cip-core from the root tree to the new subgroup. I gave both of
you owner rights in this new subgroup so you can configure it as you
please. Please take a few minutes to go over the configurations so you
guys can decide merge request, merge, tickets... strategies. I will be
traveling the coming days but feel free to ask me through mail or IRC
if you want a second opinion on how to set up the subgroup/projects. I
have done it several times with a variety of use cases over the years.

We defined a policy in which each Member company has a person as
Owner of the whole CIP Group. If you think there should be two people
per company to make things more fluid, please propose it. I would be
fine with it. I understand sometimes it is not ideal to depend on
somebody else for these things.

I think it would be useful to agree on basic topics across the
different subgroups like some common labels, milestones. boards... so
we start to apply some consistency across the different groups on very
basic thinks. If you think it might be a good idea I can make a
proposal in the coming days.

Best Regards

Agustín Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant
Codethink Ltd
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