Re: Use cases behind CIP story

Paul Sherwood

On 2016-09-15 16:23, Noriaki Fukuyasu wrote:
I think this is an extremely helpful post.

Why dont we start bring the stories of "Linux in the civil
infrastructures in the world" together, and start a series of blog
posts at the CIP website?
I'd personally prefer to see the discussion start on this list, rather than blog posts, since that way people can question, comment and discuss.

If people/companies are willing to contribute the stories, I would be
more than happy to set up a blog section to the CIP web.
I would be very interested in hearing & promoting the use cases
regardless of members and non-members. 
I'd recommend that blog posts can distill from and summarise the list discussion.

Then, we can talk about those stories at the events we are
participating in.

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