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Hidehiro Kawai

Hello Agustin and Ben,

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On 09/03/17 15:33, Ben Hutchings wrote:
We've previously agreed that not all kernel features (drivers,
filesystems, network protocols, etc.) can be supported in an SLTS
branch. I'd like to start working out what the supported features
should be for the 4.4 branch.

Are members able to share their kernel .config files, showing which
features are enabled? Or would you prefer to specify your needs at a
slightly higher level?
Answering this question is important to discard features in 4.4 that are
not of CIP interest so we can severely reduce the amount of effort that
we will need to do in terms of fixes analysis, security etc. in the future.

Please take some time to provide feedback.
I attached a defconfig for one of our products running on 4.4.12.
This config is based on omap2plus_defconfig, and a diff from
omap2plus_defconfig is also attached.

Currently, each config item has not been prioritized yet, and it
may contain non-important items. Please treat our defconfig
as a reference at this point.

Best regards,

Hidehiro Kawai
Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group

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