Update 2017 wk12

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>

Dear CIP friends,

here is the report of those tasks related with Testing and kernel
maintenance that we have been working on the past two weeks:

The whole team has been in Manchester for a week and has taken advantage
of that to have various face2face meetings.

CIP Testing

The following issues are being actively worked on:
* Issue #18 Exported vagrant box for an already loaded instance of CIP -
the size of this instance has been reduced and a script is being
prepared for the initial setup. (Issue #50)
* Issue #43 Refining test so that it uses the kernelci locally built kernel
* Issue #37 prepared checklist for release
* Issue #28 is still being investigated - to either document the
requirement or alter the test script so if necessary it performs a
'manual' login.

* Awaiting edit rights for Robert on the CIP public wiki

* Closed various solved issues
** #16 - Beaglebone black health check failing
** #22 - support arm64 build
** #33 - the VM requiring a weird mixture of debian versions
** #49 - deleted the VagrantFile sets up a USB passthru which is never used
** #47 - document the possible timeouts on the QEMU test

CIP kernel maintenance

* Ben has the VM working under Debian stable

Remember you can:
* Download the beta version of Board at Desk - Single dev VM at the
CIP testing Download page:
* All issues/tickets referred in this report can be found in our
gitlab.com testing project:

Codethink has published a blog post related with CIP:

Best Regards


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