Re: CIP IRC weekly meeting today

Christian Storm

Hi Suzuki,

Ah, OK. This is the "official" in the sense of exemplary implemented way
how to do round-robin A/B firmware update. That said, this is in my very
personal opinion a bit too involved and spread out over too many places.
That was also one reason I brought forward the Lua handler feature that
allows you to implement a handler in Lua. Lua handlers are feature-wise
on par with C handlers by now, i.e., they are equally powerful. So, you
can write a Lua handler that does the target partition round-robin
calculation, flashing, and updating of the bootloader environment in one
place. The sw-description becomes simpler as well since you don't need
to specify the A/B layout there but instead the Lua handler will take
care of this.
That makes sense.
I thought that the A/B update way adopted by meta-swupdate-boards was
a little difficult to understand and not very flexible.
I would like to use Lua handler to implement the flexible A/B update
which can be used in various situations.
OK, then I'd propose having a meeting about this so that I can explain how this
variant works and how we make use of it. When do you think you'll come to this
point so that a meeting makes sense?

Kind regards,

Dr. Christian Storm
Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT RDA IOT SES-DE
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 M√ľnchen, Germany

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