Re: CIP IRC weekly meeting today

Christian Storm

Hi Suzuki,

Ah, OK. This is the "official" in the sense of exemplary implemented way
how to do round-robin A/B firmware update. That said, this is in my very
personal opinion a bit too involved and spread out over too many places.
That was also one reason I brought forward the Lua handler feature that
allows you to implement a handler in Lua. Lua handlers are feature-wise
on par with C handlers by now, i.e., they are equally powerful. So, you
can write a Lua handler that does the target partition round-robin
calculation, flashing, and updating of the bootloader environment in one
place. The sw-description becomes simpler as well since you don't need
to specify the A/B layout there but instead the Lua handler will take
care of this.
That makes sense.
I thought that the A/B update way adopted by meta-swupdate-boards was
a little difficult to understand and not very flexible.
I would like to use Lua handler to implement the flexible A/B update
which can be used in various situations.
OK, then I'd propose having a meeting about this so that I can explain how this
variant works and how we make use of it. When do you think you'll come to this
point so that a meeting makes sense?
Thank you for your proposal.
Just in case, please let me make sure the meaning of your proposal.

Which one did you mean?

(A) In a meeting, you will tell me about how to use Lua handler for the A/B update.
(B) I should have a meeting after I implemented the A/B update by using Lua handler.

If you meant (A), I'd like some time, 1 or 2 weeks, to try Lua before the meeting
because I haven't used it.

If you meant (B), I will have a meeting after implementing it,
but maybe the implementation (and tests) will take at least 1 month.
I meant (A) to spare you (re)exploring the path I went :)
I'd like to show off some features you may find useful along the way as
well. Just let me know when you're ready and I'll setup the metting

Kind regards,

Dr. Christian Storm
Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT RDA IOT SES-DE
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 M√ľnchen, Germany

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