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Hi Jan,

Yes I am following the Readme.

The docker image id for kasproject/kas-isar is 9e9fe44e68d3 (I am
using kas-docker script). And I am using kas-docker --isar build

Yes, it seems there are multiple errors:
/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register: Invalid argument
/test-dev-null: Permission denied

Probably this is a bug or misconfiguration in Ubuntu. I will try to figure it

Might this be restricted by an AppArmor profile? aa-logprof should show
you AppArmor denials and change the relevant profile(s) to allow the
Thanks for the advice Ben.
I checked with aa-logprof but there was nothing related.
# interestingly, for some reason AppArmor was restricting some functionality in Evince

Then, I tried to update the kernel to a new version (i was using about 4.4.0-84 and the latest was around 4.4.0-145) to see if something improved but I found that the new kernel wouldn't boot properly because my disk is encrypted. So I have possibly found a regression on the 4.4 kernel, I will have to check when I get back to my desk. And there is a possibility that the reason for my problem is in the binfmt kernel module.



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