CIP testing



Last week I went to the Linaro connect in Bangkok and had very interesting meetings and conversations with other test engineers.
I also gave a talk [1] that included several Demos using the CIP testing infrastracture.
# Thanks to Renesas for providing the lab, everything worked great!

Summarizing, this is what I got working on our infrastructure:
- I showed how to convert Fuego tests into LAVA/Linaro test-definitions
- I showed how to run any Fuego test from LAVA natively (I used Debos for the file system, but ISAR should work too)

[Note] apart from that I also showed how to run Fuego with Gitlab, Ktest (any Fuego test, including some LTP test case, can be used to bisect or check a series of patches), Yocto Ptests, and Linaro test definitions.

Other than that, I thought that it would be great if we can collaborate a bit more with other LTS kernel testing efforts such as LKFT (or KernelCI in the future). Not sure where to start that collaboration but I will give a few hints (some links provided by Naresh Kamboju):

- Test definitions
- CIP:

- Jobs definitions using templates (useful when you manage multiple devices)

- Jenkins interface (maybe we can collaborate on using Gitlab instead)



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