Re: CIP TSC meeting minutes (3 April 2017)


Dear Takuo Koguchi,

Thank you so much for your guide about building kernel for BBB.

I created a patch file to build minimal OS for BBB by using boot-loader
(u-boot) and

kernel (linux-base) based on meta-debian.

I would like to share you the patch at the attachment.

The patch is created for project-x, master branch.

Best regards,


Hi Yoshi,

Regarding to my project-x action item, recipes-kernel for BBB and CycloneV
is already posted.

If you copy recipes-kernel to your usual poky build (i.e. DISTRO = poky
without meta-debian,)
you will be able to bitbake virtual/kernel.

But it you want to use this recipe with meta-debian, there are some
1) you have to add meta-PROJECTX/conf/local.conf.sample and
bblayer.conf.sample manually.
This is my fault. I forgot to include these files. You can copy these
files from deby-qemux86-64/meta-PROJECTX/conf

If you do the above, you can bitbake virtual/kernel if the followings are
in conf/local.conf

But this is still not what I meant for.
In the above mentioned build my "linux-cip" recipe is not used even if
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-cip"
is defined in local.conf because PREFERRED_PROVIDER _virtual/kernel is
by meta-debian/conf\/distro/include/
to "linux-base"

I hope you can change
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-base"
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-base"

Unfortunately there are still some issue to build kernel with meta-debian.
I am working on it.

Best Regard,

Takuo Koguchi

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Hi everyone,

I uploaded the meeting minutes for CIP Technical Steering Committee
meeting held 3
April, 2017 at the following link.

Past TSC meeting minutes can be find at the following link.

Best regards,

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