Renesas patches was Re: [PATCH 4.19y 01/10] pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a77990: Add CAN pins, groups and functions

Pavel Machek


Current status of the tree is at:

Could the patches that depend on each other go into one series? If it is
hard identifying what depends on what, maybe the best way forward is to
create a big series on top of 64729dc0be4847961550cdcca4ddc66adf556aaa
with all patches you have pending. Your patches seem to be in good shape,
so applying it should not be a big deal.
I went through the emails on the cip-dev mailing list and I could find all the
necessary patches this patch depends on, this patch applies cleanly once
its dependencies have been applied, so perhaps we should do what you are
suggesting, which is sending you another big series to apply on top of the
current branch.
Actually, that would create an even bigger confusion at this point, so I am going to wait
for you guys to work this out for now.
Good news -- I believe we managed to sort it out.

Tree at

should now be up-to-date with your patches. If you could run any
tests and verify things look sane, it would be great.

Best regards,

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