script for health check (or any script which involves uploading kernel to BBB)

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>

The kernelci-build uploads the kernel (for a BBB build) to


So that's


I think the ARCH can be embedded in the script (otherwise we'd need to
embed omap2plus_defconfig too..) so we just need a script using the
other 3 values which can then sed a base yaml file creating the
correct urls outputting it to a new file and then running lava-tool on
that will upload and test that kernel build to the BBB

TREE_NAME can be taken from the environment variable (if it's not set -
if for example the kernel wasn't build on this login) request the user
to set it before running the script

BRANCH and TAG can be retrieved via git commands much as does

So my intention is to create a script in /vagrant/scripts which is run

/vagrant/scripts/ input.yaml output.yaml which takes a
yaml file - which could be in the release or a new one created by a B@D
user and outputs a file (the second parameter) which can then be used in
a lava-tool command

Thoughts? Counter suggestions?


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