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Yoshitake Kobayashi

Hi Agustin,

If LF has already acquired an account for CIP and can be shared in this project,
I think this is the best option. If not, how about @cip_project?

Best regards,

On 2017/05/12 1:02, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:

On 31/03/17 12:05, Wolfgang Mauerer wrote:
Hi all,

On 31.03.2017 12:51, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:
On 31/03/17 11:26, Wolfgang Mauerer wrote:
On 30.03.2017 15:33, Noriaki Fukuyasu wrote:

I think this is a great idea.
The challenge is how to manage the posts (who, what and how often etc).
Anyway, let me think over this.
marketing and creating public awareness of our endeavour is
of course good -- keeping up regular activity is going to be the
hard thing. But if we publish

* new software releases (board at desk, kernel)
* member presentations at conferences
The above will allow us to have one tweet per month which is not a bad
start. I prefer less tweets but relevant than a lot of noise.

we should at least have some base activity. I'm wondering, though,
what we intend to achieve with the account? (except that everybody
needs to have a Twitter account these days, as it seems :))
This is always a good question.

We can focus on:
1.- Increase the number of developers subscribed to our mailing list.
2.- increase the number of developers subscribed to our #IRC channel.
Currently we have around 20 people.
3.- Increase the number of downloads of our materials: VM images
(tools), slides from conferences.
4.- Increase the viewers of the videos of our conferences.

All the above objectives can be measurable together with the influence
that twitter has on them so we can determine goals for 2018 based on the
numbers we get in this first 2017.
... which suggests that we should also do after-conference tweets once
any materials (slides, videos) have been published.

Thanks, Wolfgang

Thanks, Wolfgang



On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 10:53 PM, Agustin Benito Bethencourt


maybe we can start the support of our promo efforts with a Twitter
account. I would also think about a hashtag
I would like to bring back this topic now that the B@D release is coming and we will have a strong presence at OSSJ.

Possible names:
* @lfcip (taken)
* @civilip
* @civilOS (taken)
* @OScip (taken)
* @projectcip


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