Re: [PATCH] iwg20m: add support for this board


Does the pre-installed u-boot support ext4?
ext4load seems to be available on the u-boot command line.

If yes, why not using u-boot-script
and loading /boot/boot.scr instead?
After loading boot.scr, don't we need the "source" command to work? "source" does not seem to be configured in the pre-installed u-boot.

Also, to create boot.scr we need mkimage. I wonder if modern Debian u-boot-tools' mkimage will create a boot.scr that is compatible with the pre-installed u-boot (remember that I couldn't build the old u-boot with the new compilers).

That would avoid duplicating information
like partitioning and kernel parameters here.
I guess, I can just load the image with ext4load instead of fatload. Not sure why the original instructions required two partitions then..


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