Re: [cip-kernel-sec] report_affected: report cip branches

Ben Hutchings <ben.hutchings@...>

On Thu, 2019-06-20 at 15:13 +0900, Daniel Sangorrin wrote:
Allow reporting on cip branches, instead of returning an
error like this one:
 def get_stable_branch(branch_name):
-    match = _STABLE_BRANCH_RE.match(branch_name)
-    return match and get_base_ver_stable_branch(
+    if 'cip' in branch_name:
+        match = _CIP_BRANCH_RE.match(branch_name)
+        return match and get_base_ver_cip_branch(
+    else:
+        match = _STABLE_BRANCH_RE.match(branch_name)
+        return match and get_base_ver_stable_branch(

Does this function actually need to know anything about specific branch
names? It seems like we should be able to implement it as something

for branch in get_live_branches():
if branch['short_name'] == branch_name:
return branch
return None


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