Re: [RFC] Script to find used sources in the kernel

Pavel Machek


There are a couple of open questions, on which I would like to hear
other's opinions:

* Should the source lists be added to the repository or not? If they
are added, then they should not be changed by the standard "all" and
"clean" targets.
I tend to think that they should be added, because they take a long
time to generate and require cross-compilers etc. to be installed.
I believe they should go to the repository, because we may want to
manually adjust the lists.

I don't believe "example" configurations we have necessarily have
enabled all the options "final products" may need. If some common
option (vfat?) is not enabled in our configurations, because it is not
hardware specific and not needed for testing, we may still want to
review it, because it is common enough that someone will need it...

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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