Re: [RFC/RFT] -cip-rt kernels for review/testing

Jan Kiszka

On 23.06.19 22:37, Pavel Machek wrote:
I played a bit with -rt kernels, and here are the results.
Thanks for picking this up.

v4.19.50-rt22-cip3-rebase was reasonably easy to do, as -cip1 was
empty. v4.4.179-rt181-cip34-rebase was more interesting.
Trees are at
Basically untested. Could I ask for reviews and testing?
I know that full preemption does not work on x86-32. I sent
"PREEMPT_RT_FULL on x86-32 machine" mail to the lists
I don't know how to release useful non-rebasing trees. Is someone
using those?
Just like the regular -cip kernel, the -rt version's primary stable feed is merge-based. Rebasing only comes out of the fact that a second patch series is involved, but I doubt many folks use that feed as source. I don't, my colleagues neither (AFAIK).

Please sync with Daniel Wagner on the workflow options and also on 4.4-rt maintenance.


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