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On 19/05/17 16:23, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:

any news have a greater impact if it is communicated in the readers
native language.

I have published some social media messages in the wiki[1] that will be
used to spread the word about the testing tools we are about to release
(May 23rd at 11:00 UTC), hoping that you you could help the CIP testing
team to translate them to other languages.

This way not just the Linux Foundation but any of you can spread the
word in your own language.

Feel free to add a new column for the translation of the messages into
your own language. I added also the release announcement in case you
want to translate it also.
Some of you might not have edit rights for the wiki. I will bring here the process to get them, meanwhile, feel free to translate the messages through the mailing mlist. I will add them to the wiki:

^ RD-1 | Learn about the testing effort within the @linuxfoundation CIP initiative #ciptesting #linux

^ RT-12 | Interested in kernel & embedded linux testing? CIP will have news tomorrow #ciptesting #linux #linuxfoundation

^ RT-1 | What if you could test a kernel in your board connected to your laptop using #lava & #kernelci ? #ciptesting #linux #linuxfoundation

^ RT | CIP project released VM with #lava & #kernelci to test #linux kernels locally More news #linuxfoundation #ciptesting |

^ RT+1 | #linux kernel testing with #lava & #kernelci in a VM. Check the news from CIP project #ciptesting #linuxfoundation

^ RT+12 | Interested in #lava & #kernelci ? Now integrated in a VM you can deploy & use #ciptesting #linux #linuxfoundation

^ RD+1 | Learn more about the #ciptesting effort to test the CIP #linux kernel at the #OSSummit in booth #linuxfoundation


^ RD-1 | The Civil Infrastructure Platform is a Linux Foundation initiative focused on building a commodity industrial grade Linux based system and maintain it over a long period of time. Testing this system is an strategic activity. Tomorrow May 23rd the CIP testing team will release their first deliverable, a Virtual Machine where LAVA and KernelCI have been integrated in order for any developer to test linux kernels, like the CIP kernel, in her own machine with a reference board attached to it. Learn more about this testing effort and stay tuned for the release announcement.

^ RT | The Civil Infrastructure Platform, a Linux Foundation Initiative is happy to announce the release of a Debian based Virtual Machine that will allow developers to test Linux kernels on a board attached to their own machine using LAVA and KernelCI, that is, the same tools used in the successful project. Check the release announcement for further information:

^ RD+1 | If you are interested in testing Linux kernels please take a look at what the CIP testing project is doing. LAVA and KernelCI have been integrated in a single Debian based virtual machine allowing any developer to use these tools to test a kernel in a board attached to their own computer. The CIP developers have also created a step by step howto that severely simplifies the configuration process. Try it out and let them know what you think.

Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration.


Best regards
Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink

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