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Akihiro Suzuki

Hi SZ,

Today, Daniel-san takes a day off because of sickness.
And I won't join the meeting because I have an another plan.
Sorry about that.

So I'll describe the update of SW Updates WG here before the meeting.

* Software update
* We are preparing a software update demo for OSSJ.
* We had a meeting with Christian of Siemens and he shared a sample script
that could manage the state of software update.
* Suzuki implemented the state management into the u-boot script of the demo
and now BeagleBone Black can switch back to old root filesystem if the update fails.
We call it "rollback".
* Now we can give the demo of raw image update only.
If we can make it in time, we will give the demo of binary delta update using librsync.

Best regards,

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Hi all,

Kindly be reminded to attend the weekly meeting through IRC to discuss technical topics with CIP kernel today.

*Please note that IRC meeting was rescheduled to UTC (GMT) 09:00 starting from the first week of Apr. according to TSC

US-West US-East   UK     DE     TW     JP
02:00    05:00   10:00   11:00   17:00   18:00



* Action item
1. Provide the script for CIP kernel config collection - bwh
2. List real time kernel questions to ask Daniel Wagner - szlin
3. Try updating CIP RT kernel to 4.19.50 - Pavel
4. Work out a solution for LAVA master backups - patersonc
* Kernel maintenance updates
* Kernel testing
* CIP Core
* Software update

The meeting will take 30 min, although it can be extended to an hour if it makes sense and those involved in the topics
can stay. Otherwise, the topic will be taken offline or in the next meeting.

Best regards,

SZ Lin, Moxa.
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