Re: [ANNOUNCE] 4.4.176-cip31-rt23

Jan Kiszka

Hi Pavel,

On 29.03.19 12:06, Daniel Wagner wrote:
Hello CIP RT Folks!

I'm pleased to announce the 4.4.176-cip31-rt23 stable release.

This release is just an update to the new stable 4.4.176-cip31 version
and no RT specific changes have been made.

You can get this release via the git tree at:


branch: linux-4.4.y-cip-rt
Head SHA1: b51a171ad762ba4a78b0ed0c7ec83fb9f6fb135f
Is there a chance to update 4.4-rt based on Daniel' 4.4.179-rt181 release, but
then to 4.4.182 in order to have SACK fixes in?


PS: Please make it -rt24 then. ;)

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