Regarding backporting RTC PCF85263 driver to cip 4.4 kernel

Biju Das <biju.das@...>

Hi All,


RTC PCF85263 is used by iWave RZ/G1C SBC( iwg23s) platform.  We have upstreamed  this driver support  on 4.19 kernel [1]



This driver is based  on RTC PCF 85363 driver which has rtc nvmem/alarm support [2] .  Rtc nvmem framework is introduced in 4.13



We are seeing the following options for backporting this driver to 4.4 kernel


Option 1:

Backport this driver[1] to 4.4 kernel along with nvmem/alarm support. we have already done this work and patches are available at [3]



Option 2:

Backport RTC PCF85263 driver, removing  Alarm/nvmem functionality from  [2] .


Option 3:

Don't backport RTC support at all.


Please share your views, so that I can work on this accordingly.






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