Re: Regarding backporting RTC PCF85263 driver to cip 4.4 kernel

Pavel Machek


RTC PCF85263 is used by iWave RZ/G1C SBC( iwg23s) platform. We have upstreamed this driver support on 4.19 kernel [1]

This driver is based on RTC PCF 85363 driver which has rtc nvmem/alarm support [2] . Rtc nvmem framework is introduced in 4.13

We are seeing the following options for backporting this driver to
4.4 kernel
First, you did a lot of work there...

Option 1:
Backport this driver[1] to 4.4 kernel along with nvmem/alarm support. we have already done this work and patches are available at [3]
Ok, this is rather long/big series, and some parts are quite scary:

Option 2:
Backport RTC PCF85263 driver, removing Alarm/nvmem functionality
from [2] .
So we basically get this one, and few patches on top, local to the new files.

I think I prefer option 2.

Option 3:
Don't backport RTC support at all.
Applying patch #15 is easy. We can do option 2 I believe.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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