FW: [Linaro/test-definitions] Preempt rt v1 review (#85)

Chris Paterson

Hello Pavel,


This PR from Daniel is probably of interest to you.


Kind regards, Chris


From: Daniel Wagner <notifications@...>
Sent: 19 July 2019 23:51
To: Linaro/test-definitions <test-definitions@...>
Cc: Subscribed <subscribed@...>
Subject: [Linaro/test-definitions] Preempt rt v1 review (#85)


I am maintaining the v4.4-rt stable tree and using LAVA with the test-definition to verify my work.

With a Python script I create several tests jobs. All started very small but nowadays I a pretty happy with what I got. Still a lot to do but it's a good starting point

Anyway, I improved (obviously it's a point of view thing) the current test scripts in test-definition slightly:

·        introduce MAX_LATENCY: fail if the max latency is reached

·        added a bunch of command options (e,g. duration)

·        extended the error parsing for the test tools

The first point is important to my work. I really need the test to fail if on a given board the values go above MAX_LATENCY.

Hope this makes any sense.

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


Commit Summary

·        cyclictest: Update parameters

·        signaltest: Update parameters

·        rt-migrate-test: Parse pass/fail result

·        cyclictest: Add MAX_LATENCY argument

·        signaltest: Add MAX_LATENCY argument

·        pi-stress: Check for errors in the log file

·        pmqtest: Add MAX_LATENCY argument

·        sh-test-lib: Add convert_to_sec helper

·        cyclictest: Introduce duration option

·        pi-stress: Introduce duration option

·        pmqtest: Introduce duration option

·        rt-migrate-test: Introduce duration option

·        signaltest: Introduce duration option

File Changes

·        M automated/lib/sh-test-lib (23)

·        M automated/linux/cyclictest/cyclictest.sh (26)

·        M automated/linux/cyclictest/cyclictest.yaml (15)

·        A automated/linux/cyclictest/parse_results.py (54)

·        M automated/linux/pi-stress/pi-stress.sh (22)

·        M automated/linux/pi-stress/pi-stress.yaml (6)

·        A automated/linux/pmqtest/parse_results.py (60)

·        M automated/linux/pmqtest/pmqtest.sh (16)

·        M automated/linux/pmqtest/pmqtest.yaml (7)

·        M automated/linux/rt-migrate-test/rt-migrate-test.sh (9)

·        M automated/linux/rt-migrate-test/rt-migrate-test.yaml (3)

·        A automated/linux/signaltest/parse_results.py (54)

·        M automated/linux/signaltest/signaltest.sh (20)

·        M automated/linux/signaltest/signaltest.yaml (10)

Patch Links:

·        https://github.com/Linaro/test-definitions/pull/85.patch

·        https://github.com/Linaro/test-definitions/pull/85.diff

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