[ANNOUNCE] v4.4.185-cip35-rt24

Pavel Machek


v4.4.185-cip35-rt24 should be available at kernel.org.

Daniel says:
# in the v4.4-rt is still a problem with f01f17d3705b ("mm,
# vmstat: make quiet_vmstat lighter"). It is needed to boot on x86_64
# but it breaks on NVIDIA's boards, e.g. Jetson. Unfortunately, I don't
# have a NVIDIA board in my lab to figure out what is missing. So I
# suspect there is a still a problem hidden in the current v4.4-rt tree.

I did nothing to solve that problem. If someone uses NVIDIA boards,
let me know.

Trees are available at



And their content should be identical. It should be tagged and tag
should be signed.

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