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Yoshitake Kobayashi

Hi all,

On 2016/09/16 2:36, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:

On 15/09/16 17:44, Paul Sherwood wrote:
On 2016-09-15 16:23, Noriaki Fukuyasu wrote:
I think this is an extremely helpful post.

Why dont we start bring the stories of "Linux in the civil
infrastructures in the world" together, and start a series of blog
posts at the CIP website?
I'd personally prefer to see the discussion start on this list, rather
than blog posts, since that way people can question, comment and discuss.

If people/companies are willing to contribute the stories, I would be
more than happy to set up a blog section to the CIP web.
I would be very interested in hearing & promoting the use cases
regardless of members and non-members.
If the use cases are so complex that requires a blog or authors want to use them internally for marketing/promo, then a blog would be probably the best option.

Starting a blog is a big commitment over time though. I would start a little smaller using:
* This mailing list, as Paul suggested.
* CIP presentations at events.
** Slides and videos of our talks where the cases are described.

Once we get more robust as project, we can create a blog. Meanwhile, we can post the outcome of our presentations and use this mailing list.

I suggest to bring here (mailing list) a couple of cases and getting one of them into the ELCE or LinuxCon presentation, for instance, or something in this line.
I am planning to show a demo at ELC-E which explains a candidate use case of CIP.
The demo will be a full power plant simulator and controller. In this demo,
Linux runs on all controllers to control plant systems.
The above demo is just an example.

It might be better to provide some typical development and maintenance schedule/process
to explain why CIP is important for civil infrastructure systems.

Best regards,

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