The Beaglebone black health check supplied in b@d 0.9.1 will no longer run

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>

The 0.9.1 release of b@d contains a health check for the beaglebone
black which uses various build artifacts on the linaro website at:

this directory has been moved and the files are now at

If you have the Vagrant install you will need to change the suggested
test at tests/bbb_debian_ramdisk_test.yaml to reflect the new location
and edit the BBB health check if you have already installed that.

bbb_debian_local.yaml makes one reference to the linaro location which
will also need changing if you use that file in association with

The issue
has been created to track this issue.

We intend to update the git repository and release a new provisioned box
later this week to resolve this issue.


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