CIP testing project: outcome of the OSSJ

Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>

Dear CIP friends,

as you know, B@D was released right before OSSJ started. I would like to thank the LF and the CIP board for doing the extra effort to go through the license clearance/approval process on time. I would also like to thank my colleagues at Codethink for putting extra hours on the release to make it happen right before the event.

++ B@D at the CIP open workshop

I invested about 20 min talking about what B@D is about and about the next steps in the CIP testing project. The intention is to repeat the workshop at ELCE. Hopefully there we will have a technical session and even a training session, if there is enough interest.

++ B@D at the CIP booth

I was happily surprised when I saw that Renesas made it and could show B@D working at the CIP booth on their new dev board to test the CIP kernel. They will need some time to publish and upstream the board support but they are working on it. It was a simple still great demo. Congrats.

++ B@D release impact

It was of great help to have the Twitter account set up before the release so we could make some noise with the release and get some followers to start with.

Specially cool was to have the Chinese translations of the release social media messages:

Thanks SZ Lin. I hope we had some hits in Taiwan and maybe in China. We will try to get additional translations the next time.

I will be collecting some references/mentions of the release in this ticket: Feel free to add those you are aware of.

I plan to submit a talk about our progress in the testing front for ELCE. Action 2:

++ Release feedback

As expected, most of the people I talked to about B@D or approached me at OSSJ/ALS did not know much about it so I spent most of the time explaining what it is, the use-case behind it, why we needed such a tool, what will be our relation with upstream, etc.

I am a member of the AGL CIAT group. AGL have a new project to build a testing infrastructure service so I spent some time talking to other CIAT members about it and how we can join forces, assuming that the service architecture AGL is going for (semi-centralised) and ours (decentralised) has significant differences. Some of the tools will be the same though so there will be cross-roads that we will need to detect (even anticipate) and take advantage of to collaborate.

I also had an interesting conversation with Alan Bennet, Director at Linaro. We worked together back in the days when was designed and developed within Linaro. He was interested in the use case behind B@D. Since I had a talk at ALS about testing in automotive, I mentioned B@D too. As you probably know, Linaro is the organization behind LAVA and KernelCI, the tools used in

++ Improvements or requests

I got two requests from the event that has been already discussed within the testing team:

* B@D running behind a proxy:
** We will need help from contributors to test the changes out of this ticket, specially from those of you who work behind a proxy.

* B@D working on Windows:
** It would be of great help if any of you help us with this use case, since we do not use Windows machines on daily basis. If there are no takers, we will do it.

Feel free to join the CIP testing team on Friday at 10:00 UTC through Google Hangout to discuss the above or any other topic related with B@D or testing at CIP:

Did you get any additional feedback?

Best Regards

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink

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