Re: [Lava-users] OE/Yocto testcase

Robert Berger <lava.users.mailinglist@...>


On 2017-07-04 15:18, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:
Dear CIP friends,
please check below. This is a use case we will meet in a few weeks/months. It is important to see others walking the same route.
My simple tests are running now thanks to the help of the nice people from the #linaro-lava chat.

1) Crazy me decided to use upstream u-boot 2017.05 instead of running some ancient version from 2014;)

1.1) which happens to have a different AUTOBOOT_PROMPT than the one Lava expects "Press SPACE to abort autoboot in %d seconds\n" instead of "Hit any key to stop autoboot" so (since) I would like to be able to stay as close as possible to upstream LAVA 2017.06 I patched u-boot[1]. Note that this could be fixed with LAVA as well - interrupt_prompt: {{ interrupt_prompt|default('Hit any key to stop autoboot') }}

1.2) also the SYS_PROMPT of upstream u-boot is different than the one expected by LAVA and again I made a u-boot patch[2]. Note that this could be fixed with LAVA as well - {% set bootloader_prompt = bootloader_prompt|default('U-Boot') %}

2) After some searching it turned out that LAVA set some funny variables in u-boot which made my kernel crash. (Crazy me decided to use a 4.9.x uImage without baked in address).

Adding this:
{% set base_high_limits = false %}
to my bbb03.jinja2 file fixed it.

... obviously ;)




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