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Chris Paterson

Hello Agustin,

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one of the tasks that the CIP testing team has been performing since before
the B@D release is a daily LAVA health check using the CIP kernel and BBB[2].

What is a health check?

According to LAVA documentation[1]...

"A health check is a special type of test job, designed to validate that the a
test device and the infrastructure around it are suitable for running LAVA
tests. Health checks jobs are run periodically to check for equipment and/or
infrastructure failures that may have happened. [...]"

So we are using this daily health check as "validation test" for B@D in our
default (for now) set up, that is B@D running on Linux + CIP kernel
+ BBB.

So on top of the testing that Ben H. does as maintainer, the CIP testing
team is booting the kernel on the BBB using B@D on daily basis. On the
positive side, this health check can be reproduced by others. But still
we are providing limited value since results are not shared.

Action 2 is the next milestone, in which we want to use B@D to test the
kernel (first, then a simple system) in a fully decentralised
environment (some would call it architecture).

The initial step is for B@D to be able to send mails (reports)
automatically to the cip-test-results mailing list. With this feature,
we could collaborate in ensuring the B@D is ready to test the CIP kernel
on complementary environments like:
* Using Renesas boards
* Running B@D on Windows10

on daily basis.

But sharing the results in the CIP context is far from enough. We need
to ensure transparently that any of us is:
1. using the same tests...
2. to test the same CIP system...
3. on the same boards...
4. with the same tool set...
5. under the same environment...
6. producing the same reports...
7. based on the same logs.
Thank you for raising this point. You are of course correct.

During our Thursday meetings (remember they are open so please join us)
we are starting to think about how we can use the health check concept
to "validate" points 2 to 5. This is a very interesting challenge that
we believe we can solve to great extend assuming a "fully distributed
testing service architecture"..
I should be able to attend this week.

Kind regards, Chris

[2] BBB - BeagleBone Black

Best Regards

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink
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