Project-X (minimal root filesystem) : rewrite and renesas iwg20m board support

Daniel Sangorrin <daniel.sangorrin@...>


I've been working on a minimal root filesystem made with "deby".
The code is here and it includes BSP meta layers for qemux86-64, Beaglebone black,
Renesas iwg20m board and CycloneV.

The meta-cip-common layer is where we put the packages that will be included
for all targets. The BSP meta-layers contain settings related to the architecture of
the processor, and Linux/u-boot configuration.

Currently, I have tested qemux86-64 and Renesas iwg20m. Both of them worked fine
so in the next step I will try to run tests on them using B@D.
# Beaglebone should work fine, but I haven't tested it yet.

For Cyclone V, I need a kernel repository.
Koguchi-san: could you create it on

Finally, for U-boot I need repositories to fetch the sources.
Should we have separate repositories for each board? For example:


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