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Chris Paterson

Hello Yoshi-san,

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Hi Chris and all,

I had looked the repository and have a suggestion.
When you backport patches from upstream, could you add the following line
in commit message?

(cherry picked from commit UPSTREAM_COMMIT_ID)

I think this approach might be better for the tracablity reason. But this is just
a suggestion and I would like to know others opinion.
Agreed. We intend to follow the proper process when backporting to the actual CIP Kernel.

The repository above is just a quick release to allow users to get the iWave RZ/G1M board up and running for now. Most of the patches haven't come from upstream as there is no upstream support for the iWave RZ/G1M board yet (in progress).

Kind regards, Chris

Best regards,

On 2017/06/20 17:49, Chris Paterson wrote:
Dear CIP friends,

I'd like to announce the availability of a development repo [1] based on the
CIP Kernel for the iWave RZ/G1M Qseven Development Platform [2].

The main aim of this repository is to allow CIP users to get up and running
with the Renesas CIP reference platform. Please note that this is just an
interim step as support for the platform is added upstream/backported to
the CIP Kernel.

Currently there are two branches, one based on v4.4.55-cip3, and the other
based on v4.4.69-cip4.

Please use the "shmobile_defconfig" configuration when compiling, and
use r8a7743-iwg20m.dtb. uImage LOADADDR should be set to "0x40008000".
For u-boot environment settings, please see the iWave documentation that
should come with the boards.



Kind regards, Chris

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