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Chris Paterson

Hello Agustin,

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Hello Agustin,

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Hi Chris,

one of the things we need to figure out is how we will distribute the
kernel including the support for the Renesas board at CIP.

We have three options to provide the kernel with the board support to
those users that download the B@D box from the CIP site, to test the
1. Include the binary (kernel + board support) in the box itself.
2. Download the binaries from the CIP download page.
3. Download from a third party site.
4. Users have to build the kernel themselves.

Since we have a very limited amount of reference boards and kernels,
we would like to see option one as the default one. Option 2 would
also work fine. The other two are not ideal for the box (might be for
deployment through Vagrant).

What are the restrictions we need to face in order to distribute the
(source) code and binaries?
Let me check internally as to what we can provide.
As long as the binaries don't include Renesas' proprietary libraries for graphics or multimedia [1] we are happy for CIP to distribute them as per option 1) above.

For the Kernel, this can be based on renesas-cip [2]. For the RFS, as meta-renesas-cip-private [3] is not open I would recommend that the output from Project-X is used.

[1] "2. Download the proprietary Multimedia and Graphics evaluation libraries for RZ/G from Renesas"

Kind regards, Chris

Kind regards, Chris

Best Regards
Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink
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