Maintenance policies and early considerations I

Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>


during the Technical Committee Meeting, last Monday, Ben Hutchings brought to the attention of the participants several topics to consider. I would like to bring them here. This is the first one

++ When do CIP should pick up a kernel?

+++ Maintainability effort

New major versions of commercial Linux Distributions are released at 3-4 year intervals, so that typically only 4 versions need to be supported at one time. Given that CIP's support period is meant to be even longer, it won’t be sustainable to extend every 'long term' branch, but only takes on a new branch every 2-4 years.

+++ Backport effort

The longer the intervals between new CIP branches, the greater need there will be for CIP or individual members to backport new hardware support (which carries its own risks).

+++ Trade-off

This trade-off is perhaps the most difficult issue to decide.

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