Re: Build fail for linux-4.4.y-rc

SZ Lin (林上智) <sz.lin@...>

Hi Pavel,

Pavel Machek <pavel@...> 於 2019年11月11日 週一 下午9:47寫道:

This one seems to be reponsible. I have mailed author & lists...
Ack with thanks!.

After using git bisect, I confirmed that the commit id
"23160bd11f183b0e77ea54befff63e5d2607155b" caused the failure,
the previous version of kernel works fine.

The below modification in "mm/page_alloc.c" seems to be the root cause.

+ /*
+ * The number of managed pages has changed due to the initialisation
+ * so the pcpu batch and high limits needs to be updated or the limits
+ * will be artificially small.
+ */
+ for_each_populated_zone(zone)
+ zone_pcp_update(zone);



commit df82285ab4b974f2040f31dbabdd11e055a282c2
Author: Mel Gorman <mgorman@...>
Date: Tue Nov 5 21:16:27 2019 -0800

mm, meminit: recalculate pcpu batch and high limits after init

commit 3e8fc0075e24338b1117cdff6a79477427b8dbed upstream.

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