Kernel maintenance and CIP testing report weeks 28, 29 and 30

Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>

Dear CIP friends,

this is the report of the major actions related with those activities led by Codethink Ltd. Some of the reported topics were already communicated through this mailing list.

++ Kernel maintenance

1. Backported of the basic support for the Renesas board (family) has been merged.

2. The first round of kernel features review has been provided. Some feedback is still pending. Ben H. participated in the CIP TSC bi-weekly call.

3. Now we need to define the next steps in the kernel maintenance front.

4. As usual, Ben H. is contributing to the upstream 4.4 LTS cycle.

++ CIP Testing

1. E-mail configuration in LAVA is done. Robert Marshall is publishing the outcome of the basic health checks in the cip-testing-results mailing list. Feel free to join: The documentation for CIP members to send reports through mail is work in progress.

2. B@D now works on a W10 machine with little additional configurations. Both, Windows and Linux users share the same installations and configuration steps except when specifically mentioned. Waiting to receive feedback from Members.

3. A change in git:// had a major impact in B@D. It has been fixed now.

4. There is progress in using B@D behind a web proxy.

5. Robert has started the trials to update the LAVA version shipped with B@D. It includes several fixed to issues we are facing plus several improvements we will need in the near future.

6. Other topics

* Some weeks ago we reported to the LAVA team an issue that has already been fixed upstream. Another good reason for updating LAVA.

* Several issues has been fixed like tickets #112, #92

* As reported, new repositories has been created and populated.
** We are starting to populate CIP-kernel-test-logs repository as a first step towards publishing the "passed test" logs in a public repo in order to compare the logs from tests done by other Members.

* There is no room for celebrating the CIP workshop at ELCE during the even. We will need to include it the previous day, right after the CIP TSC f2f meeting.

* At least Agustin B.B. and Ben H. will attend to ELCE.

Best Regards
Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink

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