Re: [cip-core] Package Proposal #1 (Security packages)

Jan Kiszka

On 09.12.19 14:54, kazuhiro3.hayashi@... wrote:
Hello CIP Core members,
I would like to start the "review" phase (Phase 2) of the attached package proposal.
The packages are proposed by CIP security WG to satisfy their required features.
See the "reason" fields in the proposal for more details.
Please reply with you opinion, agree or disagree.
If you cannot agree to add specific packages, please show the reasons as well.
Due Date: December 23rd
(We can extend this due date if more time required for reviews, please let me know if any requests)

- init-system-helpers
- adduser
- iproute2
- lsb-base
- ucf
- libc6
- libcap2
- libedit2
- libnettle6
- libseccomp2
in_target: 'True'
n_cve: '10'
reason: For supporting IEC-62443-4-2 certification for CR 2.11, 2.11(1)
security_criteria: network::server, network::service
Why still chrony, why not simply systemd timers? Legacy?

- dpkg
- python
- python-simplejson
I'm missing the new dependencies in the top-list. Didn't
we agree on listing them flat? This, e.g., pulls python, currently even v2 - anything but a trivial package. Or did I miss that we have this in our list already?


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