[cip-core] Package Proposal #2 (Minimum base packages in Debian)

Kazuhiro Hayashi

Hello CIP Core members,

I created a simple package proposal for the packages that are installed in the "minimum base system" of Debian.
These packages are installed by
$ debootstrap --variant=minbase buster ...

It consists of 58 source packages and 84 binary packages, including all run-time dependencies.

The common reason to propose:
"This package is included in the minimum base system of Debian (debootstrap --variant=minbase),
which is essential for all Debian binary package based systems"

I would like to start the "review" phase (Phase 2) of the attached package proposal.

Please reply with you opinion, agree or disagree.
If you cannot agree to add specific packages, please show the reasons as well.

Due Date: January 20th (The next TSC meeting)

We have only 2-3 working days for this review, but
I think it may be enough to agree or disagree the very simple reason above.
(We can extend this due date if more time required for reviews, please let me know if any requests)

Best regards,

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