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Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>


I would like to share this idea of an activity for the workshop at ELCE.

Title: B@D 101: how to test the CIP kernel using B@D

Goal: learn the basics of B@D in order to test the CIP kernel and CIP system.

Description: B@D is a testing environment based on LAVA + KernelCI that allows you to test a kernel or a simple system in a board set up locally, like for example, connected to your own laptop. The workshop will guide you on the installation and configuration of the environment. Using the CIP kernel and system, those participating in the training session will learn how to execute tests on the board, get the results and interpret them.

Number of participants: 8 - 10


* A laptop with enough space to install B@D (I will provide on time exactly how much)
* BBB and cables to connect it to the laptop (I will provide more details when the time comes)
* We should have CIP reference boards for those who cannot take theirs. The idea would be to have 3 to 5. I am in discussion with Chris to evaluate the possibility of having some Renesas boards and basic support there to set them up.

* A power strip per participant (2 power sockets per participant, 1 for the laptop and one for the board). 4 power sockets for the trainer.
* Wifi
* Projector

Duration: 90 or 120 min
Date: Sunday Oct 22nd in the afternoon

* Robert Marshall from Codethink would be the trainer.
* The room needs to afford the power strips required. We will need confirmation about this specific point. (Annie?)
* CIP would have to assume the material costs:
** Power strips
** Some serial cables
** USB sticks to have the needed software pre-loaded
* Codethink can take care of buying and bringing this material if there is no other alternative. We would provide an invoice later on to CIP.
* If we go for this activity, maybe we can somehow re-use it to another activity related with kernel maintenance of Project X.

What do you think about this? It is something Members and wider CIP community consider as of value? Is it worth the effort? Will we have enough audience the day before ELCE?

I will create the wiki page for coordinating the workshop in the coming days.

Best regards

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink

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