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Hi Everyone,

#Alternatives to a Mailing List

Slack has been taking the business world by storm, however, The free version has some serious limitations on it. So I started looking for Slack alternatives and found the (4) alternatives listed below. For comparison, I captured the features and pricing (if any) 

In my research, I wanted to find solutions that were free and preferably Open Source Software. I wanted to make it easy to use, especially for anyone outside the group. I also wanted to find a solution that would allow sub-groups to be formed. Lastly, the ability to download the software and host the site myself would be a plus, but not a requirement.

##Google Groups

- All of your discussions in one place
- Express yourself with rich-text editing including images
- People power discussions - Photos, nicknames, and automatic translations for the international community members
- Speed matters - Keyboard shortcuts
Mobile friendly - Access from anywhere using your mobile device.

100% Free


- Unlimited message history
- Unlimited number of conversations
- Unlimited number of integrations
- Share up to 5GB files per user
- Native Mobile & Desktop apps for 
- Android
- iOS
- Windows
- Mac
- Teams - create and manage unlimited number of Fleep teams

Free, but Limited to 5GB of file storage per use before having to upgrade to Premium - which has 50GB of storage per users


- Unlimited users
- Unlimited guests
- Unlimited teams
- Unlimited chats
- Unlimited posts
- Unlimited search
- Unlimited data
- Native Mobile & Desktop apps for
- iOS
- Android
- Mac Desktop
- Windows Desktop

100% Free!


- Can be self-hosted
- Video Conference
- Helpdesk
- File Sharing
- Voice Messages
- Link Preview
- API for GitLab, JIRA, Confluence, etc...
- Extendability
Native Mobile apps for:
- Android
- iOS

100% Free!

Overall, my biggest concern was being able to extract all of the information in a group if it became necessary to move it to another platform, like if a company went out of business, changed their terms of service or they abandoned the application. 

Clearly, Google Groups provide the most stability in this regard. Additonally, it integrates to Google Hangouts where team members can video chat, share screens and collaborate on a whiteboard.

As a side note, many comments included a reference to encrypted communications. In a corporation with trade secrets and development of patentable technology, I might agree. However, for an open source platform like CIP, I  believe this is a "nice to have," and not a "need to have."

Burger, R. (2016). The top 13 Slack alternatives [Blog entry]. Capterra. <>

Right before I posted this, I saw that a Google Group has already been created. I decided to post it anyway so the team members can see the alternative in case we ever need to move.

Thank you Nori & Jeff for creating the Google Group!


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just a remark: we have some proxy restrictions in the company which
result in the fact that IRC is not really practically usable. So our
main communication channel would be the mailing list I am afraid.

best regards,

On 19.09.2016 18:32, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:
> Hi,
> CIP has a new IRC channel. #cip in Please check the
> logs at
> I would welcome if you can report that you successfully accessed to it
> through webchat. Some corporations do not provide access to IRC
> through the default ports. Maybe accessing through web would be the
> alternative.
> Best regards

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